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The adjustable pintle hitch is one of the most innovative discoveries within the towing machines industry in recent years. This device tends to apply popular scientific concepts that have been tested and proven to work very efficiently in a wide range of applications. When looking to move large loads whether in a construction site, industry, the military or any other application these devices have become a critical part of everyday activities.

Their unmatched strength has ensured that they can be applied in any situation without one worrying about any unpleasant situations. They tend to accommodate a large spectrum of difficult situations such as rough terrain, bad weather or difficult loads. Additionally they are equipped for maximum stability ensuring that they never come off or bend during use. To achieve these notable features manufacturers have had to invest more in testing and developing these systems using the most innovative engineering techniques.

Additionally materials used are extensively tested to ensure that they best fit into these demanding roles. When looking to enjoy the benefits offered by these items one should always carefully determine which type of device perfectly suits their particular use. The most commonly used type of pintle set ups includes the popular adjustable pintle hitch.


How it works

The adjustable pintle hitch is designed to handle different types of loads by increasing the pintle mount to different levels. This essentially means that the effort arm of the pintle is increased/decreased ensuring that a larger or lower load can be accommodated. Apart from ensuring that one’s car truck or any motorized appliance being used to lug these devices is not overworked this is one of the best mechanisms. When used correctly it affords one the luxury of determining the exact amount or size of load they want to carry at any given time without overloading their truck or car. It can also ensure that no damage is put on the car as one can calculate the amount of load and carry the same exact at all times.