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Since its inception the pintle hitch has literally redefined the moving and towing industry. Today everyone is eager to cash in on the benefits offered by these highly attractive items. From the construction industry to the military and even regular trailer hitching this appliance has seen an increased level application like no other.

Most people willing to get on this bandwagon are usually attracted by the great benefits that these items offer. Their unmatched efficiency and practicability have made them a must have and most consumers report a stellar performance that tends to stay on for many years. To further enhance their efficiency the manufacturers have ensured that they are made from the strongest and most sturdy materials; particularly special kinds of alloys that tend to last for very long.

They are also adorned with a great coat of stainless steel or chrome ensuring that one doesn’t have to worry about them corroding or rusting when exposed to harsh environmental situations. To further enhance their great qualities and thus attract more consumers the manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure that they come in easy to install and use packages particularly as far as the accessories and parts are concerned. One of the most popular parts of a regular pintle is the pintle hitch receiver which is essential if this device is to operate at maximum efficiency.


How Pintle Hitch Receiver Works

The receiver is essentially the part of the pintle hitch that has either the ball or the hook to attach. This part is usually installed onto the load being moved mostly a trailer or any load that one would like to lug around. Essentially it serves as an attachment point in the form of either a ball or a hook. The hook receiver is mainly used in most circumstances as it offers better support and stability.

Additionally it is very easy to attach and install ensuring that it remains put; regardless of the terrain or the amount of load. When looking to enjoy these devices the pintle hitch receiver can make a huge difference on their efficiency.