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Although all pintles are regarded by major industry players are quite heavy duty they come in many different formats. Some of these devices can only handle lesser loads in any situation. These are mainly used by individuals looking to move their everyday appliances and loads around such as campers or trailer owners. On the other hand there are the heavy duty pintle hitches which are mainly used in very intensive and heavy duty applications.

These pintles tend to come with extra efficient and string features that make them best suited for such applications. Apart from being made from the strongest materials they tend to have unmatched stability and allow for maximum and easiest mobility. These devices are used in a wide range of situations by many consumers most of which have to be extremely protected to avoid any incidences or accidents. When looking to invest in any of these devices the following are some common areas that one can apply them in.

Construction sites

In most cases construction sites require the movement of very large amount of loads from one place to the other. The equipments used on these sites are also extremely bulky and usually require advanced moving appliances. To better enjoy these activities at the greatest efficiency and without worrying about accidents and incidences the heavy duty pintle hitch are a great option. These devices are made with the best materials using the latest’s technological concepts for best results.


Military bases and industries

In most cases military personnel require to move large loads such as tankers and large weapons from place to place. This has to be done over extremely rough terrain or in very bad weather. These situations cannot be handled by regular towing gear which tends to be quite weak and unstable. With the strong and highly efficient pintle hitches these loads are usually moved very easily without any incidences. The pintle is also largely applied in industrial applications particularly in moving finished gods or raw materials from one point to the next.