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Since the onset of civilization mainly marked by mechanization, the pintle hitch has existed in one form or another. This highly innovate device has only changed in design over the years but essentially its mechanisms, applications and effectiveness has not changed much. With improved modern technologies these devices have been made more efficient and practical in a wider range of applications.

Indeed today they are used in very stressful and heavy duty situations that were previously not an option for the weaker and less advanced tow devices. Generally they are ingeniously designed by highly qualified engineers who apply a wide range of notable technological concepts and scientific formulas in coming up with the best device. After many years of extensive research particularly in the best materials that can best serve in the widest range of situations; manufacturers have come up with some notable specially manufactured and developed metal alloys that are only used for this purpose.

This level of commitment by industry players has ensured that the consumers continue to get the best gadgets available that last for as long as possible. When in the market for a set of these items the following are some obvious features that one should always look out for.


Given the general application of the pintle hitch, its sturdiness and strength are arguably the most important characteristics that one should always look out for. Popular brands and models in the market today guarantee this ability as they are made from the best and strongest materials available. Further they come with a wide range of equally useful and strong accessories and replacement parts that tend to last for long periods of time. In most cases certain industries particularly in construction and the military tend to have specific qualities as pertains to the weight a certain pintle can handle comfortably and the materials used in making them. When looking to invest in these items one can thus just look into these requirements as a useful guide.

Accessories and parts

The average pintle requires a wide range of supporting accessories and parts that must be used if it is to achieve its desired goals. Some of the most common parts include the hooks or balls which are to be used to attach the pintle to the load. Further the mount usually used at the receivers end which in regular cases is ones car/truck is a very important and essential part that comes with these devices.

The pins and clips are also essential in the smooth operation of a pintle in any situation. To fully enjoy the use of one’s pintle they should ensure that the parts bought alongside this device meet specific standards of quality and efficiency.



Although the pintle hitch comes with numerous attractive features it can be extremely noisy. This is generally okay in the construction sites or the, military arena but it can be very unnerving in general circumstances. Although most people get used to the noise and it is actually a great reminder that the load has not fallen off or something, it can be quite prohibitive in some circumstances. One should thus ensure that they are willing to put up with this.