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A tow hook is attached to the rear side of a vehicle. Many drivers have these hooks on their vehicles because oftentimes they come in handy. It is easy to find that the owner of a small sedan car struggling with a tent if they are going for a camping trip with the family. One of the easy ways to ensure that they go to such a trip without necessarily incurring unwarranted expenses is by buying a tow hook.

This accessory is fixed firmly on the car such that any weight which the vehicle can handle is towed along with ease.

When buying the towing hook for the vehicle, it is important that the driver considers several factors such as the tare weight and the loading capacity of the vehicle. The car manufacturers have made this easy by specifying the maximum load that a vehicle can handle. The manufacturer will state clearly the maximum cargo that a car can handle without towing anything.

The manufacturer will also state the maximum load that a vehicle can tow when it has other cargo inside it as well as when it has no cargo onboard. These specifications should be adhered to so that maximum value of the car can be enjoyed.

There are several materials that are used to manufacture the hooks for towing. Materials such as iron and steel are the favorites and drivers generally go for these hooks. A tow hook can be affixed on a small car as well as a large trailer. This means that different hooks have different capacities for towing. Family cars will have simple hooks with which they can tow cargo but for the lorries and trucks, the hooks have to be solid and at times also come with additional accessories.

A hook can have only the strength to haul a ton but there are also those hooks that can handle as much hauling weight as 50 tons.